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Whisper 11/22
Directed by:  Conor Soucy. Cape Cod, MA.

Bummer 10/22
Directed by:  Anthony DeFeo. Los Angeles, CA 

15 A La Hora(B-Team) 9/22
Directed by: Julia Solomonoff. Paramount+, VIS & Lift Entertainment. 

'Endurance' Commercial 4/22
Directed by:  Brendyn Gilbert. Los Angeles, CA 
The Other Me 03/22
Directed by: Jimmy Carter. Los Angeles, CA
Oxford Gold Group 'Bubble' Commercial 2/22
Directed by:  Joel Jay Blacker/W-2. Los Angeles, CA

Cure 06/21
Directed by: Tianyu GLos Angeles, CA 

One Man Band 4/21
Directed by:  Dekang Liu. Los Angeles, CA 

A Serious Candidate 4/21
Directed by:  Jo Steinhart. Los Angeles, CA  

Pizza Guy 03/21
Directed by: Tianyu GLos Angeles, CA 

The Tip 03/21
Directed by: Katerina Tana. Los Angeles, CA 

Guardian Asshole 2/21
Directed by:  Jamie and Jason Neese. Los Angeles, CA 

I'll Be Home for Christmas 01/21
Directed by: Conor Soucy. Los Angeles, CA
Friends 10/20
Directed by:  Brendyn Gilbert. A short drama. Los Angeles, CA
Washing Up 09/20
Directed by: Ross Warr. A short drama. Los Angeles, CA
Native Path 08/20
A MuteSix Production commercial. Los Angeles, CA
Magnolia Flowers 06/20-07/20
Directed by: Colin Dale. Feature. Boston, MA.
Monster Cock 06/20
Directed by: Matt Berns. Los Angeles, CA
Landing 04/20
Directed by: Carrie Lazar. Los Angeles, CA
Pizza Guy 02/20
Directed by: Angle Gu.  Los Angeles, CA
Story About A Fight 11/19 
Directed by Thomas Zhao.  Los Angeles, CA

BauBax Commercial 11/19
Directed by Justin Lee.  Los Angeles, CA
Anker Commercial 10/19
Directed by David Adesman.  Los Angeles, CA
The Fixer 09/19
Directed by: Micheal Schilf. Los Angeles, CA
Body Bound 
Directed by: Julianna Laverdiere North Shore, MA.
Yung S1  03/19-03/19
Directed by: Henry J. Vumbaca. Jamaica Plains, MA.
Shadow Minds S2 1/19-2/19
Directed by: Ben Nadler. Boston, MA.
Shadow Minds S3 2/19
Directed by: Ben Nadler. Boston, MA.
Save the People 10/18
Directed by: Anthony Biancanello. Boston, MA.
Moonstone 04/18
Directed by: Cara Casier. Boston, MA.


Uber 08/19 - Current

Transported passengers and packages part time. 1,300+ rides with a 4.97  star average.

72 Dragons Production 02/18 - 09/18
Intern and Consulting

Created 7 pre-production packages, included projected budget and shooting location,  for in-house productions.

Organized company schedules and represented them at networking events and production house meetings for the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. 

Somerville Neighborhood News 06/17-08/17
Journalist Intern

Researched, shoot and edited 5 local 10 minute news packages for Somerville, MA.

Covered Sanctuary City Law in Cambridge, Boston Free Speech Rally, and Refugee Grown Specialty Produce


BFA Video Media Production  02/18-12/19  
Emerson College

Focuses on technical training in all areas of film, media theory. As well as rounded liberal arts studies. Specializing studies in Screenwriting.  

BA Screenwriting for Film and Television 09/14-06/15 
Bournemouth University (UK)


Microsoft Office/ Gorilla Scheduling and Budgeting / Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting / Studio Binder / Slack / Speed Reading (547 average words per minute)

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